Elephant Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an expert in manufacturing and designing woodworking cutterheads, knives, blades, and carbide inserts. Our largest clients include machinery companies from Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan.

You Can Count On Us

Established in 1956, with extensive experience and expertise in our specialized field, we are now the leading manufacturer of high-quality woodworking, plastic, leather, and food processing knives in Taiwan. Our owner emphasizes strict high-quality control and prioritizes customer service. We carefully examine every material during each manufacturing process to ensure product quality. Additionally, we offer prompt delivery and excellent customer service to achieve high customer satisfaction and build long-term business relationships.

Explore our selection of premium cutters and inserts

Spiral Cutterhead

Our meticulously crafted spiral cutterhead with special design allows it to effortlessly cut through wood surfaces using dozens of carbide inserts aligned in a staggered spiral pattern. Additionally, its shear cutting angle enables the inserts to slice smoothly, delivering impeccable cutting results.


Spiral Cutterhead Insert

Our patented Indexable Double-Layer carbide inserts with our exclusive bolts make it much easier to mount the knives on the head, offering a user-friendly solution that eliminates insert breakage.


Straight Knife

Discover our diverse selection of straight knives for jointers/planers, catering to all sizes and budget preferences. Should you face difficulty finding a particular knife, we're here to help with custom manufacturing.



OEM plays a significant role in our business. We manufacture a substantial number of spiral cutterheads and knives as OEM products for other companies.

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