Elephant Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an expert in manufacturing and designing woodworking cutterheads, knives, blades, and carbide inserts. Our largest clients include machinery companies from Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan.

Good choice for quality and cost

Established in 1956 with experience and technique in our specialized field, we are now the leading manufacturer of high-quality woodworking, plastic, leather, and food processing knives in Taiwan. Our owner sees strict high-quality control and customer service most important, we examine every single material in each manufacturing process carefully to ensure product quality. In addition, we also provide prompt delivery and customer feedback service in order to reach good customer satisfaction for long-term business relationship.

We offer professional cutters and inserts

Spiral Cutterhead

The spiral cutterhead with disposable inserts is now a standard specification on woodworking machines. Conventional planer knives cuts wood by its sharpness and strength, while spiral cutterhead cuts effortlessly using dozens of carbide inserts aligned in a staggered spiral pattern, and with a shear cutting angle which allows the inserts to slice through wood surfaces to provide better cutting results.


Spiral Cutterhead Insert

The spiral cutterhead inserts are made of tungsten carbide (K40), specially designed and manufactured with high precision. This design not only increases cooling speed, but also enhances stability of the cutterhead to prolong its service life. The 4-sided inserts has 4 factory sharpen edges, when an edge becomes dull or chipped, user can simply rotate the insert to a new factory sharpen edge to continue woodworking without any time delay, and it’s also a money saver, you’ll only need to replace one insert when all 4 sides are out of use.


Straight Knife

Our straight knives for planers come in all sizes with low cost. If you have trouble finding a specific knife, we can manufacture according to the diagram and material you desire.



OEM takes half part in our business; we OEM a large amount of spiral cutterhead and straight knives for other companies.

We manage your orders BEST!

Established in 1956 with hard working and credibility,,we are now the leading woodworking cutter manufacturer in Taiwan. Our staffs, with professional manufacturing knowledge and technique, are able to help you solve or provide solutions to any problems you encounter. Our products also comes in best price offer and best quality.

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